NorCal Construction came up with the perfect home for my needs. I am very happy with the results that came out of the floor plan, paint colors, windows, doors, and plumbing needs. Frank, Kasia, and I kept up regular communication throughout the building process. Frank was the only builder that I talked to who explained the building process to me and told me what to expect. The price he quoted me was the price he stuck to. Frank kept his word on everything, there were no surprises. All his subcontractors were personable, honest, and friendly. Frank is very professional, and I also gained a new friend.

I came away from this building experience very grateful that I chose NorCal Construction. Everything went like clockwork. Frank’s family are all very professional, hardworking, and knowledgeable. With their main goal of building me a home, it really felt as though I was the only one that mattered. It was also a fun experience. He (Frank) knows the business and involves everyone accordingly. I am very pleased.

Todd L.
Leafy Ln Paradise

I’ve lived up on the Ridge my whole life. I went to elementary school in Magalia and graduated from college at CSU Chico. My husband and I bought our house up here because, when we thought of the safest place to start our family, this cozy little community felt like the obvious choice. Unfortunately one awful day in November destroyed all that. We lost everything when the Camp Fire of 2018 razed through our town, incinerating our once safe and warm home into nothing more than twisted metal and brittle debris. We knew we wanted to stay in our cozy community and rebuild our lost lives, but the details of how to do exactly that were foreign and absolutely lost to me. I had spoken with my insurance and a select number of contractors; most of which left me with more questions than answers and an over abundance of stress and confusion. When I met with Frank Lewis from Nor Cal, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything different. I was, thankfully, very very wrong. He, his wife Kasia, and the many other wonderful people employed at Nor Cal, were able to build my family a wonderfully gorgeous home with far less anxiety than I had ever imagined. They were direct and transparent in the requirements of the building process, consistent when communicating with the county or my insurance agents, and never once deviated from a quoted price estimate. Frank and Kasia had turned my daunting rebuild into a fun and exciting project from the inside out. Nor Cal took care of us, and as we move into a new life chapter in our beautiful new home, we will always be grateful for them.

January McHenry


After losing our home in the Camp-Fire in 2018, it took us awhile to decide if we really wanted to rebuild. In our search for the right Contractor, viewing builds in process, was one of our decision criteria’s. After viewing several homes, in various stages of build, we knew we wanted Nor Cal to build our next home. Frank and Kasia are easy to work with and helped guide us through this tough, for us, process. All of the crews were friendly, supportive and informative.

Were there problems, of course. A Pandemic and the restrictions that came with it. Fires, so many fires, that caused Air Quality issues, all of which were not Nor Cal’s fault or in their control. They navigated through these issues, keeping any delays to a minimum.

We also retired through this building process and we now have a quality built home, which we can start rebuilding our life in. We recommend Nor Cal, with building your next home too.

L & L (Paradise, CA)